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    Online Dating

    internet dating

    Have you ever been excited about meeting someone whose photo you liked on a dating site, only to meet them and find out their photo did not match one bit what they really look like? This is what happens to the girl Lori in this short comedy movie:

    Although this is a comedic piece, there is a lot of truth behind it. When the person you think you are going to meet turns out to look completely different than their online photo, it gives you several messages: 1) They are afraid of being rejected based on their physique 2) They lack self-confidence and 3) If they can’t be honest about their photo, what else are they hiding?

    If you are looking to find true love on an online dating site, my advice is start by asking yourself if you prefer for life to surprise you or for you to be proactive in your search for true love. Clicking through profiles is fun only if you’re a person who likes to speed the process of love along. If you’re more like me and like to be surprised, and you’re not in a rush, then skip the online dating thing.

    If you’re comfortable about who you are, you will naturally attract the right internet date.  Posting photos that look like you, and being honest from the start will get you started on the right foot. It all depends what you’re looking for: an honest and truthful relationship, or one based on deceit.

    Hopefully you won’t be running into any Bobby’s! And yes, I play the nerd in this movie, so enjoy!


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