Iwas raised in a quiet suburb of Montreal, Quebec. My childhood was filled with walks in the mountain near my house and in the fields where I spent a lot of time daydreaming and inventing stories in my head.read full bio
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Love: Raging Waterfalls or Quiet Rivers?

Love: Raging Waterfalls or Quiet Rivers?

I have been known to pick raging waterfall love over quiet river love in the past. Raging waterfall love is the kind that makes you lose your head, your focus, your center, and pretty much all your roots at the same time. It is the kind of love that gives you such an adrenaline kick

Reconnecting With Your Creative Fire
Reconnecting With Your Creative Fire

“Don’t be afraid of your passions. Allow them to fill you up and inspire you” HeatherAsh Amara, Warrior Goddess Training Within ourselves we contain seeds of great creativity ready to explode into fabulous manifestations of the divine but we are often unaware of the amount of power hidden in this creativity. We are usually afraid

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Traveling Solo for Self-Love
Traveling Solo for Self-Love

Eight years ago I went through a violent and traumatic break-up. I had been living with a beautiful musician for five years and we had vowed to love each other for life on a beach in Mexico one December night under a full moon. Life stopped short one day when I found out he was

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Being an Artist
Being an Artist

Years ago, I realized that being an artist was very much like becoming a professional skydiver. You need to be a little crazy in the head. To be an artist is to truly throw caution to the wind and throw yourself, body and soul, into the unknown hoping your parachute will open just in time

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Nora Caron pens an inspiring read about the unexpected mysteries and magic of life

Laurie Graff
Laurie Graff- best-selling author and actress

When you embark on this journey with Lucina as she explores the sacred, encountering spirit animals and other teachers that help her answer her deepest queries and provide her with life-changing support and healing, don’t be surprised if you sense changes occurring within yourself as well

Colleen Deatsman
Colleen Deatsman- author and healer

Playing in these realms is nothing if not pure fun!

Penney Peirce
Penney Peirce- best-selling author

Nora Caron brilliantly weaves together a beautifully written, engaging, and inspiring story with powerful spiritual wisdom.

Sandra Ingerman
Sandra Ingerman- best-selling author and shamanic teacher

Women need books like these to inspire us to deepen our inner strength and gracefully surrender to the unknown

HeatherAsh Amara
HeatherAsh Amara- best-selling author and Toltec teacher

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